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5 Home Negotiation No-No’s

Couple Buying a House

Home-buying negotiation is a subtle art in real estate, but skilled negotiators can usually find some common ground that satisfies all parties. On the other hand, using the wrong negotiation tactics can sink a deal pretty quickly. Here are some negotiation tactics buyers (and real estate professionals) should avoid: Lowball offers Going far below market […]

Sears Mail Order Homes

The Beginnings Today Sears is best known for their department stores and the plans to save the retail-chain from bankruptcy. But in the early 1900s Sears was thriving. Almost 1/5 of Americans subscribed to the 1,400-page catalog which featured everything from diamonds to sporting goods to furniture. Up until this time most Americans lived in […]

Evacuation Plan: For Pets

Aerial of Snowy Neighborhood

With recent hurricanes and winter weather affecting the Triangle, it may be time to think of an evacuation plan before the next big storm. However, don’t forget your furry friends in the evacuation plan. An evacuation plan is a necessity for every home, especially if you live in an area where fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding, […]

Raleigh ranks in top 10

Raleigh Skyline

We’re not surprised Raleigh tops the ranks for best cities to live. With abundant culture, attractions, events, nightlife, and good eats, Raleigh is an affordable hot spot for just about anyone. However, we think there are small towns in the Triangle worth mentioning as best places to live. What is “The Triangle” The Triangle got its […]