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The Best Okra Recipes

Our southern staple okra is finally coming back into season. Go by the NC State Farmers market this week and try one of these recipes! FRIED  Fried Okra 1 cup cornmeal ½ cup all-purpose flour 1½ teaspoons salt ½ teaspoon pepper 3 cups fresh okra, washed and cut into ½-inch slices ½ cup bacon drippings […]

Dress Your Home for Spring!

Whether you are putting your house on the market this spring or waiting until the summer, it’s a crucial time to work on your curb appeal. If you want your yard to look great all year, it’s vital to prepare your “first impression” in the Spring. Now is the time to fight off crabgrass by […]

Sears Mail Order Homes

The Beginnings Today Sears is best known for their department stores and the plans to save the retail-chain from bankruptcy. But in the early 1900s Sears was thriving. Almost 1/5 of Americans subscribed to the 1,400-page catalog which featured everything from diamonds to sporting goods to furniture. Up until this time most Americans lived in […]