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4th of July in the Triangle

The 4th of July in the Triangle will certainly be a little different this year, with many events cancelled due to Covid 19 and the safety of our community. Fortunately, we live in a creative community with plenty of fun options! So, whether you’re looking to enjoy some time outside (socially distant, of course!) or […]

Q&A On Our Current Real Estate Market

What’s going to happen to the Real Estate market? There’s definitely a lot of unknown and there are new changes each day. For the time being, we are still seeing activity! We’re talking with other agents locally and nationally to stay on top of what’s happening. Currently, we don’t foresee any huge detriments to the […]

Mortgage 101: What To Know Before You Apply

Everybody loves talking about mortgages. They’re fun, easy to understand, and a great icebreaker, right?….Wrong. Thanks to their lengthy process, technical jargon, and confusing options, mortgages have a bit of an intimidating reputation—but it doesn’t have to be that way! If you’re in the process of buying a new home and dreading the mortgage application […]